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Claudio Luis Vera

goes by many labels in his work: full-stack web designer, accessibility expert, and project lead, among others. Still, he likes to think of himself as a master craftsman, preferring to remain hands-on in the site building and design process.

Claudio has a long history of working for higher education clients including MIT, Harvard, and the University of Maryland. He consulted for the MIT Media Lab for 2 1/2 years as the lead information architect and designer to overhaul the lab's web presence.

His work has been recognized in the industry with many design, technology, and marketing awards. His work has also been featured in Communication Arts, HOW Magazine, Travel Weekly, and Graphic Design USA.


Portrait of Jay Epstein

Jay Epstein

My career in Information Technology spans over 20 years where I have enjoyed the opportunity of providing proven results across many different I.T. areas. With an original focus on mainframes and programming, the green screen and code concept gave way to a more creative and visual focus for me. While the web fledged beyond its infancy I set out into multimedia (Macromedia Director then Adobe Flash) on both the code and animation side of things. Due to work necessities, I soon branched out into PC's, Microsoft servers, Unix, networking and IT management. This became the on-ramp to a career as an Information Technology Director in Aerospace electronics that lasted over 13 years. While I never expected it, becoming proficient with Adobe applications such as Photoshop and Premiere, print ad work, graphic design, animation and user interface design found their ways into the daily workload. 

Over the past 7 years, I found that content management systems, data architecture and multi-dimensional data were my real forte. Once I found Drupal, I knew I was at home and have settled into a great career as a Drupal site builder and have pioneered the Relativity Data model for Drupal.